Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You win some, you lose some.

And today was one of those days for me.

My name card decided to make its way through the stack into the professor's hand and I was called on in Contracts. Unfortunately for me, the question was not to brief the case we were working on, which I actually would have known the answers to, but to answer a question that I had absolutely no idea what the answer was... to make matters worse I didn't know a simple definition and couldn't find it anywhere in my notes. If you could see my class notes you'd probably be surprised because they are about a million pages long... I write down everything from a class... or at least I thought I did. I was pretty humiliated and my mood was deflated as fast as a needle pops a balloon. My ego was also painfully knocked down a few pegs as well.

 The problem in law school is that when you get the wrong answer or you don't know an answer to the professor's question they don't move on to another person... you're just stuck with the question... even if it takes you ten minutes or the entire class period. Some professor's will get annoyed and move on and some won't. Today, my Contracts professor was in the mood to torture apparently and waited for what seemed like an eternity for me to mumble out incoherent answers that weren't even remotely right. 

So that sucked.

But today wasn't a total fail... I got my test grade back that I was 100% sure I failed and I got a B-!!!!! I have always hated B's and I think the minus part is unnecessary, but I swear to you that B felt like a golden A++++ to me today. Pretty sure if I had failed that I would have gone home and contemplated dropping out and moving to a country that would grant me asylum so I wouldn't have to pay back all these student loans. A lot of people did fail and I can only imagine what they are feeling right now... something tells me it's a lot like the feeling of looking like a complete idiot in front of 80 people which I can say I've now experienced.

Hoping tomorrow has more wins than losses.

Oh, and in case you are wondering... an OFFER is a manifestation of intent to enter into an agreement to make a deal. It must be specific, definite, communicated, and reasonable.

 If I forget this definition after the mental beating I gave myself after class there is something wrong with me.