Thursday, September 19, 2013

A week of ups.

After my really terrible week last week, this week has been much better . School has been just as demanding as usual, maybe even more so than usual with the addition of our pre-midterm assessments (mini exams). I am proud to say that my assessments have all gone very well! I still have one more to go and I don't have a grade for another yet, but I am about 98% sure I did well on it too. 

Remember how I complained about Contracts? I got the highest grade in the class on the assessment :) It was literally the best feeling ever! :)

There are some major differences from law school exams and undergrad exams. First of all, in law school you do not put your name on any of your exams. You are assigned a number to keep the grading anonymous... which I think is a pretty novel concept. It protects the professor from being accused of bias (they're human too, it happens) and keeps the students happy knowing your teacher doesn't know that you're the one who missed that question they went over and over in class.

Second, (I know I've mentioned this before) law school exams usually have two really wrong answers and two correct answers. The hard part is figuring out which one is more correct. I would have had a perfect score on one of my assessments had I not gotten stuck between the two correct answers and inevitably chosen the "less" correct one. Oh well, lesson learned.

Lastly- in law school you don't talk about your grades. Well, at least you don't openly... you keep it to yourself or between you and your group of friends. Law school brings out the emotional side of both the girls and the guys which they may not have even realized they had. Sensitivities are at an all time high. When I got a significantly better grade than one of my friends it made for a very awkward conversation. You just have to learn who you can and cannot share things with. Some people will celebrate your successes, but others will resent you for them.