Monday, September 9, 2013

Long days, shorter nights.

This morning I had my first "assessment exam" in Property. I have never been a good test taker, but I kicked that test's butt. :) There wasn't a single question on it that I didn't know the answer to and that was a great feeling. So I'd say at this point I'm basically a pro at the finder's rule ;) Misplaced, lost, abandoned, or treasure trove items beware! I know what to legally do with you now!

Thursday is our Contract's assessment and I already know I need to bottle up and save this happy feeling from today for after that exam because I am not looking forward to it at all. Most law students (from what I'm told) usually really understand one subject, are okay at another, and really struggle in one or more. Contracts has yet to register in my brain for some reason, which is ridiculous because everyone else seems to understand it pretty well... and of course by everyone else I mean my small group of friends, but still...

I did get frustrated in my Civil Procedure class today... that is the class I mentioned has the "scary" (by reputation) professor with an Ivy League education and a no-nonsense attitude. I actually really like the professor, but for the second time since we started school I gave an answer to which he said was incorrect, but after calling on a few more people someone else gives the SAME ANSWER and he says correct! -_- I have yet to figure that man out. 

I have about 5 billion cases to read and brief tonight so I should probably get started. Blah.

ps... this is how I hope my Contracts exam goes on Thursday...