Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling down..

The last few days have been really wearing me down. Today was the worst of all.

I have a family member in the hospital...

I got below the (already terrible) class average on a midterm I thought I aced...

And a few other unnamed issues I've had to face...

All I'm feeling right now is depressed and that law school sucks. It's draining and it is SO hard. You put in so much effort with so little reward. Not to mention all the crap life throws your way at the same time.

However, tonight I am thankful for a gift and for the very dear friend who gave it to me. I had a self pity afternoon (with a lot of tears) and this book helped remind me that it's not about me and I need to refocus my attention on Him.

Law school sucks, but He led me here and He'll get me through one way or another.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear little blog,

I'm sorry for neglecting you. I've actually been neglecting a lot of things lately because midterms fried my brain. I'm still having a hard time wanting to look at anything with words on it (including my books) ...I can only imagine how I'll feel after finals...

I do have something to complain about.. I absolutely hate this thing our school makes us do called Core Grammar. It's a program we had to pay for and also pass with a 90. It is ridiculously long (almost 100 questions) and time consuming. Well, I took the test like 8 times and my highest score was an 89... And yes, when I got that 89 I contemplated shooting my computer. 

I'm not the only one who didn't make it to a 90 by the deadline, so maybe they'll end up lowering the score requirement... Which they should, especially considering last year they only needed a 70 to pass!!! I cannot wait until the end of the semester when we write class evaluations so I can give them a piece of my mind about that stupid thing. Ugh -_- 

In other news, one of our professors walked out on our class last week. He said we were "the worst class he's ever had." Why you ask? Well, he asked a student a ridiculously easy question, one that applies to every single class we have, and the student didn't know the answer. Okay, so that's pretty normal, but neither did the next two students. 

Ugh. I wanted to shout hello, GOOGLE it. 99% of the class uses their laptops during class so there is zero excuses for not getting the answer and then knowing it just in case you get called on.  

The worst part is the professor then told alllll of our other professors. One of the assistant deans even came in and gave the class a "talking to." It was pretty embarrassing and I can only imagine what we're going to endure next week... :/ 

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy some tv time and not think about anything law school related :)


Ps here's a ridiculously cute picture of Sadie :) 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is midterm week. 

So far I've only taken Torts and luckily I feel like I did pretty well. Tomorrow morning is my Property midterm and I feel, okay about taking it.

Thursday and Friday are the two exams I'm most worried about... Contracts & Civ Pro. I was feeling really good about those classes until this past week when we added a ton of new concepts and everything I thought I knew went out the window.

If you've ever wondered why contracts are so confusing and long, you can thank rules like 2-207. I can't even really tell you what 2-207 means because I'm not sure 2-207 has a clear meaning! 

Wish me luck,