Friday, September 6, 2013

3 weeks down...

One more week and I've been a law student for an entire month! 

Time feels like it's been stuck on fast forward lately. I feel like it should still be Monday, but here we are again at Friday. There are not enough hours in the day to get anything done! I remember all of the 'pre-law school' days when time seemed to drag on and on. When I was a waitress I swear a four hour shift felt like it would never end. Now I can't seem to make four hours stay longer than two minutes. 
Next week is going to be a difficult one. We have our first assessment in some of our classes, starting first thing Monday morning. My first assessment is in Property... I actually find the class pretty interesting, but the rules can be so confusing. There are so many rules. Then there are so many exceptions to every rule. We will be tested on the Finder's Rule on Monday, which is actually pretty useful to know...

Finders Rule: The finder has a truer title against anyone in the world, except the true owner or subsequent possessors.

So basically, if you find a diamond ring in a public place and you notify the police (because you are an upstanding citizen) and they cannot find the true owners after a specified period of time, the ring is rightfully yours. Of course like I said there are exceptions to every rule, you can't be a trespasser... you can't find something on private property and just take it, etc. So next time you find something of value and you turn it in to whatever 'authority', consider notifying whoever you turned it into that you will be checking back in periodically and if they cannot locate the true owner then the item is most likely rightfully yours (so long as none of the exceptions apply to you of course).

We read a case about a family who found thousands of dollars in the road and called the police in an effort to do the right thing. After a period of time, the police attempted to put the money in a police department fund. The family found out and they went to court. The court ruled in favor of the family because they were the original finders. The police were merely subsequent possessors. So next time you find a couple grand in the road, make sure you call me so I can claim to be the original finder too!

In other news, I was received some very sad news this week from one of my best friends from high school. She is pregnant with her first child and was given the news this week that the right side of her baby's heart did not fully form. The baby will need to undergo a series of surgeries after birth and will always live with only one side of a functioning heart. My heart was so heavy with this news that I had trouble sleeping the last two nights. You don't want something like this to happen to anyone, but especially not to someone you love. I know miracles happen everyday and God is in control, so I am keeping the faith that He will bring healing to the little miss. 

I will say that after I spoke to my friend today, I felt much better about the news. She actually comforted me by her positive attitude. She is determined to continue having a happy pregnancy and has made it her goal to think only positive things. She is a strong momma already and I told her that the little miss will obviously take after her and be strong as well. Please keep them both (and her husband of course) in your prayers.