Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling down..

The last few days have been really wearing me down. Today was the worst of all.

I have a family member in the hospital...

I got below the (already terrible) class average on a midterm I thought I aced...

And a few other unnamed issues I've had to face...

All I'm feeling right now is depressed and that law school sucks. It's draining and it is SO hard. You put in so much effort with so little reward. Not to mention all the crap life throws your way at the same time.

However, tonight I am thankful for a gift and for the very dear friend who gave it to me. I had a self pity afternoon (with a lot of tears) and this book helped remind me that it's not about me and I need to refocus my attention on Him.

Law school sucks, but He led me here and He'll get me through one way or another.